A New Year and a New Look!


A New Year and a New Look!


Hello all,

With the start of a New Financial Year, there has been a time of review and a reset for many of us.

And as well as looking at the results and setting the plans for the year ahead, we have decided it was time for a fresh look, and a fresh outlook.

And here it is:



So, what does it mean? What does it represent?

The philosophy behind what we do and how we strive to work with you is that we “Go Beyond The Numbers”. i.e. The financial and tax work we do for you is not the ‘end point’ – it is the beginning of what we can do.

In the logo, the bar graphs represent ‘the numbers’ –symbolising the results achieved in the past and the present, with the arrow moving out from the base of the numbers, flowing up and out to a future that we create.

The image is also reminiscent of a Tall Ship, ‘sailing beyond the horizon’ – going beyond the known maps (i.e. last years results, as shown on your tax return or Balance Sheet) and evoking the image of overcoming challenges sailing to a world unknown, and achieving rewards and riches previously unimagined.

We see our work with you in a similar way, in that we can work with you to go beyond what your “current numbers” represents, and help you to achieve your successes and gain the rewards. We can help, guide, encourage, advise, and bring together a team to help you succeed.

Let us know what you think of the design, and what your “beyond” looks like.

We look forward to catching up with you in the coming weeks and months, and helping you to achive your goals.

Lets ‘go beyond the numbers’ and make things happen!




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